About Us

Pankaj Mercantile Company came into existence in 1961 with a mission to manufacture & export the best quality fashion and clothing accessories. For over a half century, Pankaj Mercantile has been manufacturing and exporting Scarves, Stoles, Pareos, Bandannas & Belts while upholding the highest of standards in the industry.

The world of fashion constantly changes and updates itself. We at Pankaj Mercantile have also stayed abreast the changing times as we understand the fashion and its volatile nature better than the most. We foresee trends in fashion accessories, constantly update our design and use innovative materials and manufacturing processes to produce them in ways world has never seen before. Our excellence in what we do comes from our beliefs. We believe in the forces that keep us ahead of the curve. Burning desire to compete globally, constant endeavour to use new and innovative manufacturing and processing technologies, developing cost effective financial and management systems, and scientific approach to product designs aided by intense market research is what has made us where we are today. That is not all, Pankaj Mercantile pays extra attention to the quality and our quality control methodologies are comparable to that of the western manufacturers.

Our major clients are in United States and European countries.

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